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Aerosol wetsuit

Instant surfing accessory
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Something akin to self-curing polyeurothane foam but more flexible. Spray it over your body, wait a minute for it to set and then enter the water as normal. The foam is porous so water soaks through but then becomes trapped and warmed by the body, in exactly the same way as with neoprene.

This would be a useful survival accessory for aeroplanes and cruise ships. Wet suits have to be snug fitting to work so it isn't practical to include them for passengers plus they take up a lot of room. Liberally dousing each passenger with foam from a large tank as they exit the sinking plane or ship might be increase survival time in the wayer. Alternatively, a personal can could be attached to lifejackets. Each person then sprays the foam between their clothes and their skin to create an insulating (and bouyant) layer. Polyeurothan foam cures on contact with moisture so this would probably work even if you were already in the sea.

Removing it might take your body hair with it but that's still got to be better than dying of hypothermia.

gravelpit, Jun 08 2001

great stuff expanding polyurethane foam http://www.itsgreatstuff.com/bultbrd.html
the faq from their web-site. questions include "does it give off harmful fumes?" and "how do you get if off your skin?" [mihali, Jun 08 2001, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Body Polish http://www.halfbake.../idea/Body_20Polish
Sort of like this. [egnor, Jun 08 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Liquid Latex http://www.bodyartw...e.cgi?product=Latex
From the Body Polish idea. [egnor]

"If you were painted gold, as in the movie "Goldfinger," would you die?" http://www.straight...assics/a1_221b.html
From the Straight Dope. Different situation, same problem. [egnor, Jun 08 2001, last modified Oct 21 2004]

"If you were painted gold, as in the movie "Goldfinger," would you die?" http://www.straight...assics/a1_221b.html
From the Straight Dope. Different situation, same problem. [Uncle Nutsy, Jun 08 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]

great stuff expanding polyurethane foam http://www.dow.com/...stuff/faq/index.htm
the faq from their web-site. questions include "does it give off harmful fumes?" and "how do you get if off your skin?" [mihali, Oct 04 2004]

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       [waugs] You just tense up your orifices really tight (like when you're trying not to let out a fart, or (ladies) when you're doing your pelvic floor exercises) and then the foam doesn't get in. Simple really.
lewisgirl, Jun 08 2001

       Assuming the foam float like normal sealant foam this could be a good idea for stuff like life rafts etc. Why not fill void on ships/planes with stuff? There must be spare space around a plane/boats walls - surley filling the spaces with spray foam would slow it sinking long enough for proplr to get off, without significantly increasing the weight. The stuff is strong to, and could add strenght to the plane/boat.
CasaLoco, Jun 08 2001

       Actually, UnaBubba might be right about the potentially fatal effects, though it's not exactly a matter of "breathing." Rather, someone whose skin is covered to a degree that all or substantially all the pores get clogged risks death from heat prostration. It'd take a while, though. See link.
Uncle Nutsy, Jun 08 2001

       waugsqueke has specified an open cell foam, and since water gets in--like it does into a neoprene wetsuit--then surely sweat and other body fluids can get out, as can gas. Wear your best polypropylene full-body underwear and spray the stuff on top of the fabric. Lots easier to take it off after, and the polypropylene insulates quite well when wet too. But how do you get the coating even enough to avoid potentially fatal cold spots?
Dog Ed, Jun 09 2001

       this idea annoys me because i didnt see this possibility when i posted my idea for aerosol foam but it still deserves a croissant   

       petersealy - because you can still get cold and tipped out of an improvised liferaft - i doubt you can get tipped out of a wetsuit though a life raft would be better in calm water
chud, Feb 08 2002

       I can't believe you would be so irresponsible as to post such an idea as this on the web. somebody that doesn't know what that stuff is might actually coat themselves with that stuff. the way i found this website was searching for a way to get this stuff off of me. I accidentally coated my right hand and half my right arm with this stuff two days ago and have soaked my hand in everything froc acetone to warm soapy water trying to get it off. what very small portion i have been able to get off took the skin right with it. i still can't get it off. DON'T PUT THIS STUFF ON YOUR BODY ANYBODY!!!!!!! PISSED 3/25/02
roguish, Mar 25 2002

       Irresponsible? You're just mad that you got the goop on yourself.
waugsqueke, Mar 25 2002

       And while we're at it - best not try the Aerial Building-to-Building interchange either. I reckon that could carry a degree of risk of injury too.
mcscotland, Mar 25 2002

       "I accidentally coated my right hand and half my right arm..."
For what purpose? That is, you say it was an accident, but the stuff stays liquid for more than a few seconds and I would think it would be pretty easy to get off during that time. That implies that you allowed it to dry, so why?
phoenix, Mar 25 2002

       Wetsuits function on the principle that there is air inside the foam of the neoprene. Even if the neoprene gets wet, the air in the foam insulates you. An added benefit of the air inside the foam, it will add a little bit to your floatation. It works well if it's dry, and almost as well when it gets wet, as the water that seeps in between the suit and your skin is kept there and warmed up by your body heat. Too tight a wetsuit cuts off blood supply, yada yada yada

roguish, may I suggest you visit a medical professional?
thumbwax, Mar 25 2002

       I'd want a wetsuit to cover my whole body, not just my aerosol!
dare99, Mar 26 2002

       Baked, some decades ago. well, sort of. I remember seeing a photo of the lady who set a record by being the first female to swim across English Channel. She (with an assistant) was rubbing grease/fat/petrolium all over her body. I also saw in an episode of Magical School Bus where one of the annying kids found a blob of animal fat in one of the bus's compartments for insulation (therefore mimicing whale flabber) durng their arcantical expidition.   

       These uses of fat sounds a lot like this foam stuff.
synergy~, Aug 31 2003

       ps: when applying the foam stuff, don't forget to leave holes for all your ins and outs.
synergy~, Aug 31 2003


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