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shark invisibility wetsuit

Marketable to marine biologists.
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Because sharks and other aquatic life perceive other life-forms by electromagnetic fields, I was thinking it would be useful to researchers to have a wetsuit which can generate electrical fields (using some kind of wiring powered by batteries throughout the suit) which counteract the wearer's field. This would render the wearer invisible to the sharks, and allow for closer study. No more shark cages.

I don't know enough about sharks, electromagnetics, or electronics to describe how the mechanics of this would work, but there's another invention called "Shark Shield" which is related in idea -- it's supposed to fend off sharks by generating a disruptive electromagnetic field. I hope that it isn't too similar to void this idea, let me know if you think it is...

oatcake, Mar 14 2004

Shark Shield http://www.diveglob...ear_dec_two2002.asp
[oatcake, Oct 05 2004]


       Sharks also use scent and eyesight to track prey, so this doesn't work so well.
DrCurry, Mar 14 2004

       I can't find an online reference, but I saw a television special on a series of experiments conducted at the University of Hawaii which involved a network of PVC pipes set up at the pool's floor, and field generators situated around it. They would release fish blood through the PVC pipes to arouse the sharks' senses, but they would attack the areas around the field generators. And most sharks don't have very good eyesight, as far as I understand...at the very least don't rely on it for hunting.
oatcake, Mar 14 2004

       The field should mimic a real big shark to scare off everthing else.
kbecker, Mar 14 2004

       if it fends off sharks, then you wouldn't get much studying done. You could be in a swimming pool minus the fancy gimmicks, and you'd still see as much shark!
MikeOliver, Mar 15 2004

       [rods] you genius
mrmatt, Jun 10 2004


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