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Space Suit for Habitation on Earth

A kind of suit that takes care of the comforts of home.
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When I think of what do I need to work productively, here are the first things that come to my mind:

- fast internet
- suitable air & temperature
- cosy bed
- good food
- body exercising equipment
- bathroom
- shower

These things are squeezable to a minivan. However, it would be nice to have them in a much smaller package, for example, a suit. (You can think of an application for it to make it not a WIBNI.)

This suit would be a simple suit would have:

- connector to power grid & internet
- connector to water supply
- cosy interior
- exoskeleton for exercising and acquiring comfortable positions
- backup batteries
- connector to sewerage

These suits would implement the needs outlined in the first list above. For example:

- if one needs a shower after exercising -- no problem, connect to a power supply and water.
- if one needs to excrete -- no problem, there is inside bide, which, after having a poop, flushes not only anus, but all the body, like in a warm shower.
- If one needs exercising -- the exoskeleton becomes sturdy, or counteracting.
- if one needs to remove the sweat -- an internal shower, followed by hot air dryer.
- if one needs to eat -- one can go to some restaurant nearby, and open the part covering the head.
- if one needs a comfortable pose while working -- one can use exoskeleton to make one feel like in a bed.
- if one needs to sleep -- just sleep anywhere, because the battery and thermal insulation will keep the microclimate.

These kind of suits could be an option for places with harsh climate, because they would require minimal energy expenses to live, because we only have to adapt the micro-climate very locally, and don't have to heat all the big rooms.

If one wants to have fun with friends playing a game, they would exit their suits.

[Product: Suit]

Inyuki, Dec 25 2014


       //- connector to water supply - connector to sewerage   

       Suggest completely different size, shape, texture and colour pipes, one with cw and one with ccw screw threading connectors...and yet, it will still go wrong eventually..
not_morrison_rm, Dec 25 2014

       We already have this suit. It's called skin. That it does not protect from the winter cold shows only that we should not have left Africa at all.
Toto Anders, Dec 26 2014

       This would be good for portions of your planet where the environment is implacably hostile to human life, like the Antarctic, the Gobi desert, and Glasgow*.   

       *Which would require kevlar stab-proof panels and a laminated polycarbonate visor capable of withstanding a "Glasgow Kiss".
8th of 7, Dec 26 2014


       I will _not_ have the name of Glasgow dragged through the mud in this way. Mud has a bad enough reputation as it is.
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 26 2014

       And then... I think, I'd need retracable wheels to move like:   

       - a segway
- a car :)
Inyuki, Dec 27 2014

       How about a stage suit for habitation on earth, basically wearing this suit is like having a costume on, and it reminds you to listen to people's applause and someone when you make a joke and they don't get it for instance, you remember the exact way they could not think to understand the joke. The stage suit is basically something like that where your actions are directed and scripted somehow in sort of a meta-narration simulation of how things seem to proceed in popular movies and television shows. The stage suit is basically clothes that you wear that you want other people to comment on and stuff like that, even in a negative way, but critical reviews are often directed at the actor.
rcarty, Dec 27 2014


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