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EL Wetsuits

Wetsuits for the Tuner Market.
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Most modern westuits are a sandwich of neoprene between an outer and inner woven shell. I propose weaving EL wire into the outer fabric in strategic portions of the suit. The light it provides when active will make the wearer far more visible to the diver's buddy. If controllable, it would provide a potential communication device as well. Heck, squid do it naturally, why not us?

By using the right wavelengths and patterns of light, it should be possible to attract fish, useful for both scientists and tourists.

If you're AFRAID of attracting fish, you can make the EL wire glow red. Red doesn't propagate well through the water, so most fish can't see it. It looks like black to them, which is why a lot of fish are red.

Madcat, Jun 28 2005

huh ? https://en.wikipedi...troluminescent_wire
oh thats what EL wire is. [popbottle, Aug 12 2015]


       One of the things that people warn against when swiming is, flashy objects and contrasting colors. It would attract sharks. It would have to be coupled with a new product that sends electric pulses through the water which makes sharks swim away.
10clock, Jun 28 2005

       >Red doesn't propagate well through the water   

       That's going to make it kind of hard to see then, isn't it?
gravelpit, Jun 28 2005

       No. It does travel, just not that far. You should be able to see it for about 10 meters. That's lousy enough that evolution doesn't bother with it and hence the ugly buglies can't see red. If you're more than 10 meters from your dive buddy you have greater problems than your inability to see the EL wetsuit.
Madcat, Jun 29 2005

       By my recollection, EL wire doesn't like water.
Maybe time for an idea for an EL wire rabies shot.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Aug 14 2015


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