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Affordable Home Services

Super low interest loans
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Really super low interest loans to qualified renters if with that loan they can afford to by a home and then they can keep what they earn.
Frii, Jul 19 2010


       Er, isn't this called a "hotel" ?
8th of 7, Jul 19 2010

       Maid Timesharing... probably baked.
FlyingToaster, Jul 19 2010

       This is sort of like 'Meals on Wheels' services, isn't it?
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 19 2010

       This would work but you need alot of "people" power. Since people are the most expensive part of the system if you could optimize their time it could become cost effective. The buy in would be very much like how the bulk store works. As more people join, the service can buy things in bulk and pass the savings on to the subscribers. But again this service would require alot of people power. Take the groccier service alone :   

       Someone has to purchase the goods at appropriate time and place, deliver it correctly and ensure quality service. That's not an in-expensive proposal.
ddn3, Jul 20 2010

       By definition the cost of running the washer or dryer would have to included in the cost of the service, as would the depreciation on those appliances. There probably would be some cost savings in having a single large refrigerator, but if the houses still had individual small fridges, that would offset a lot.
MechE, Jan 18 2012

       From my experience the branded home services industry is broken and unfixable. Any time you go for a branded company with a marketing campaign and a dedicated call centre. You will be paying a company double what you will want to pay, and then they will essentially subcontract it to some kids for 25-30% of the profit. Its probably better to just hire some reliable, qualified, and insured individual off craigslist.
bob, Jan 21 2012


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