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Secrets of Your Home

An idea of necessity, perhaps.
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I recently moved into a new home. I furnished it, and I tended to it's space. I appreciated the rooms, and contemplated their usefulness. I went to the bathrooms, I still do, all of them. I took a shower to see how hot the water could get. I sled down the stairs in sleeping bags, for god's sake.

Then, just yesterday, I had a few friends over for housewarming. We had a blast! They loved the space, and as the drinks kicked in, they loved it even more! Then, all of a sudden, they started picking out all these little things I had never noticed. An extra door to the attic, old pans in the cupboard, windows that couldn't open, floors that creaked with the slightest touch! These guys were good, and I was ashamed.

This is an idea for a service that comes to your new home and investigates all the tiniest details into the workings of said domicile. These people are different from the usual crew who estimates the worthful(less)ness of your home. All they do is basic inspection, after all, and they do it before you sign your life over to a few pieces of wood.

This idea is for people who come after you have bought your home. They can show you anything, because you are already screwed! They can really have fun with it. Did you see that small ditch in the backyard? Can't have fun with your kids out there now, they'll break their arm! Did you see the view that your neighbors have of your bathroom window? Better hide the jewels, you jewelbearer.

On and on... These workers will give you one brief rush of anxiety. However, the extent of your problems will be known, and your securities will only grow when you catch the problems first during your hosting opportunities. Long live the educated man! He's so perceptive.

daseva, Mar 23 2007


       I guess you don't have inlaws.
bungston, Mar 23 2007

       How so? This service prevents the pangs of their scrutiny.
daseva, Mar 24 2007

       I'd probably invite one really good friend (or 2) to do this service, before any groups. They'd probably appreciate the opportunity, and you could return the favor. Isn't that what friends are for?
csea, Mar 24 2007


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