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Afro-Canadian Milk

Let Africa teach us to enjoy the blood of kine.
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There are people in Africa who greatly value the cow: not only for its milk, but for its nutricious blood. Indeed, the cattle are not slaughtered but rather bled gradually and indefinitely--indeed, continually. This blood provides many nutriments.

We also should utilize this blood as a source of protein and gustatory pleasure. Further, the blood may be mixed with the milk (as I believe it is in Africa) and drunk as a complete product. The product may be promoted and caused to be more widely accepted with the euphemism "Afro-Canadian Milk," which in reality refers to the Canadian flag, which is red and white in color.

Vance, Feb 05 2001

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       I mean, eww.
egnor, Feb 05 2001

       I'll drink it, provided that there is a field in my throat that somehow identifies the blood molecule and scans it from the rest of the milk....
Wes, Feb 05 2001

       Blood is not composed of molecules, but of cells. Besides, you'd be wasting the nourishment that blood provides.
Vance, Feb 05 2001

       Blood is composed only partly of cells; Wes probably wants to avoid guzzling cow plasma as well.   

       The idea is not for a new drink, but that more people should drink an existing one? Does this mean I can post my long-held desire that the Masai start drinking Mr. Pibb?
Monkfish, Feb 05 2001

       Certainly, I suggest you do. The point of this posting is that I think that it would be a marketable product.   

       Thank you for the blood correction.
Vance, Feb 05 2001

       As I hear from reliable sources, the African blood/milk drink is prepared in a gourd that is first "rinsed" with cow's urine, and before serving, the blood/milk mixture is fermented. As further evidence that truth is stranger than fiction, this wholesome beverage is called "Moresick."
beauxeault, Feb 05 2001

       Just looking at the title I would have guessed that it was milk that exploded
barnzenen, Dec 07 2001

       Raw beefsteak is a French delicacy (steak tartare), so what's wrong with drinking the blood straight? I don't notice a global shortage of Frenchmen any time lately.
pottedstu, Dec 07 2001

       Blood has no molecules? Wow. This changes so much I thought I knew.
bristolz, Dec 07 2001

       Ah Bullshit - Plasma is a complex composition of gases, ions, nutrients, molecules, and proteins. It is the liquid medium which enables all the otherwise dry colorful bits to circulate and look bloody.

Since blood was considered one of the four "humors"...
I wonder what would happen if you stab The Good Humor (brand of ice cream) Man on a really hot day and all his ice cream melts and mingles with his blood... and a sudden freeze comes and smurfs come via unicornback and mold the bloody ice cream back into ice cream novelty shapes and sell them at a greater markup.
thumbwax, Dec 08 2001

       keep on taking the tablets...
po, Dec 08 2001

       ...and don't eat the brown acid.   

       ...again, I mean...
StarChaser, Dec 09 2001

       But cheeseburgers are composed of molecules. That breaks your metaphor, [Mephista].
jester, May 30 2002

       have you heard of the untrue uban legend about cows milk. blood and their correlation to chocolate milk? www.snope.com
onewetleg, Jun 07 2003

       [onewetleg] created an account, annoed on this and four other ideas on the same day, and promptly disappeared from sight on this forum.   

       The username has seen some traffic on sites such as YouTube, Urban Dictionary, PhotoBucket, Dairyland, Blogger, and DrainSpotting.
normzone, Apr 13 2015


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