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“Cradle to Gravy™” infant formula

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Infant milk formula designed for various aged babies and infants, such that the product sold for newborns is pure milk but sucessive products are each slightly meatier and more savoury than the last so that by the time the child is about two it is drinking pure, delicious gravy.
hippo, Jul 02 2014

For those not accustomed http://www.google.c...vy%252F%3B520%3B367
[blissmiss, Jul 02 2014]

Dirt_20Fortified_20Infant_20Food add some dirt to fortify! [xenzag, Jul 02 2014]



       There could also be a further range of entirely unnecessary yet highly lucrative products for sale to parents of 3-6 year olds, called perhaps "Growing Up Gravy", the product being the exact same as the age 2 gravy product but packaged slightly differently.
calum, Jul 02 2014

       But we need biscuits for the gravy. Biscuits and gravy...yum, hence linky.
blissmiss, Jul 02 2014

       If it shaded gradually from gravy through beer to applesauce it could cover the whole age range.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 02 2014

blissmiss, Jul 02 2014

       + Yum, and then really old people can go back to drinking bottles and will love the gravy, also! You can dissolve their meds in it. (My Dad hates taking his pills, but if he didn't know they were in there...)
xandram, Jul 02 2014

       //(My Dad hates taking his pills, but if he didn't know they were in there...)   

       Allegedly some meds are time release, so if you did get them to dissolve, might not be such a good idea...
not_morrison_rm, Jul 02 2014

       Its not a *** is it? Hee hee (one happy po!)
po, Jul 02 2014

       Is hippo having a baby hippo?
blissmiss, Jul 02 2014

       No, no - this was, I'm ashamed to say, one of those ideas where the idea started with the pun in the title and I then struggled to concoct an idea to fit it.

......That's not to say though that you shouldn't leap to the conclusion that I might have had a hand in making [po] happy last night.
hippo, Jul 03 2014

       Got it. (Here's hoping Mrs. Hippo has an open mind.) Glad [po] is happy too.
blissmiss, Jul 03 2014

       Isn't this going to increase tooth decay? [+]
mofosyne, Jul 05 2014

       I don't see how. He is increasing the savory and meat content, exponentially, not the sugar content. That would be cruel.(You would end up with a hyperactive baby with bad teeth.)
blissmiss, Jul 05 2014

       Add in small amounts of money that double each year, and you have "cradle to gravy train".
xenzag, Jul 05 2014

       Good one [xzaggy]
blissmiss, Jul 05 2014


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