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After Dinner Mintifier

Exclusivise your dinner parties
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We all know that boring old chocolate mints are made more sophisticated and invariably tastier when they are pummelled wafer-thin and fashioned into a perfect square.

Why not surprise and delight your guests by serving all your food this way?

The After Dinner Mintifier is a anvil-shaped contraption with a funnel on the top. Simply cram your creme-puffs, salmon steaks and ricotta salad into the funnel, wind the detachable handle furiously and - hey presto! - out pops and entire three course meal the size of a postage stamp.

Meal times will regrettably never be the same again.

kpx, Sep 05 2001


       It would be good if you did this with the different courses along the length of the stamp rather than randomly squeezed. Then you could nibble your way through the meal from one end to the other. Perhaps you could insert a thin ribbon of compressed sorbet between them.
Gordon Comstock, Sep 05 2001

       This would especially well with ravioli ...
Aristotle, Sep 05 2001

       The Punster suggests an After Dinner Mortifier, which may be the experience of overhearing two of your guests discussing how hard it was to get the reek your foul fondue out of their mouths, the voice of your youngest child squeaking "That tasted like s**t!", or something much much worse.
Dog Ed, Sep 05 2001

       A la Willy Wonka, perhaps?
catfish25, Nov 11 2002


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