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Classic crackers formed in the shape of Uzi's, HK's and Kalashnikovs.
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cracker%20weapons Okay. Dumb idea but . . . had to put it out there anyway.
bristolz, Sep 29 2001

Assaultines [FarmerJohn, Apr 24 2005]

Attack dog cookies http://www.dogs.fre...rs.com/cookicut.htm
Mastiff, Rottweiler, Boxer, Bulldog [pottedstu, Sep 29 2001]

Cookie Cutter Collectors Club http://www.mich.com/~longmore/cccc/
Masses of cookie-cutting-related stuff. [pottedstu, Sep 29 2001]


       More fun than goldfish!
Susen, Sep 29 2001

       Take a can of Coke, and cut it into the shape of an Uzi so as to make a cookie cutter. Make your own Assaultines. Amuse yourself by holding two cookies up in the air and making "bam" noises. Oh, so much fun.
sdm, Sep 30 2001

       I suppose these are made from cookie battery?
egnor, Sep 30 2001

       The Cookie Cutter Collectors Club (see link) has so many references to cookie-based stuff. I couldn't find any guns, not even in the Wild West cookie cutter collection. But there are about 9 000 000 of them, so you might be lucky given time.   

       I'm a little worried about the tendency of the barrels, magazines, stocks to fall off. They'd have to be very chunky, cartoonish shapes.
pottedstu, Sep 30 2001

       Uzis are chunky, cartoonish shapes...   

       Somehow, I'm not surprised there's a cookie cutter collector's club...
StarChaser, Sep 30 2001

       Love to be watching the news the day someone tries to rob a cornerstore using a Steyr-shaped chocolate chip cookie.
mrkillboy, Oct 01 2001

       Police the world over seem to have enough difficulty telling completely innocent objects from guns: wallets, pagers, a plank of wood, even apparently a penis in the case of the naked man shot by police in Sussex, England. Imagine the confusion this would cause.   

       On the other hand, the natural policeman's instinct for spotting sugary junk food might win out. But I wouldn't want to risk eating them in public.
pottedstu, Oct 01 2001

       I don't know what wwapod means but the idea of a sugary junkfood penis has put a big smile on my face! Can I get my boyfriend genetically modified?
lewisgirl, Oct 01 2001

       Things that go "crunch" in the night! as Thurber rolls over!
bobzaguy, Oct 07 2001

       [Farmer John] had illustrated this but I think the illustration was lost in the Great Autumn Crash of '04.
bristolz, Apr 19 2005

       //but the idea of a sugary junkfood penis has put a big smile on my face! Can I get my boyfriend genetically modified?//   

       Us cool people already have sugary junkfood penises. You just haven't found one of us yet.
disbomber, Apr 19 2005

       I found the illo under an inch of sketches.
FarmerJohn, Apr 24 2005

       Nice illustration.
Zimmy, Apr 24 2005

       Waiting for the first child to be suspended at school for waving a gun cracker around during lunch time...
Cedar Park, Apr 25 2005

       Wow. Thanks, FJ.
bristolz, Apr 25 2005

       Seriously, That's a damn good illustration. & until I had to look in my dictionary to check my spelling I had something much more important to say. Anyone care to give up the IE spell checker again or are functional gnomes permitted here??
Zimmy, Apr 25 2005

       A-salt and battering?
DesertFox, Apr 12 2006

       This idea is crackers.
imaginality, Apr 12 2006

       Waiter! There's an AK47 in my soup. Damn, the system will only let me give you ONE for this!
Letsbuildafort, Apr 12 2006


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