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Aftermath Cam

Continuously filming, stores data in three stages, overwritten gradually
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You're never sure when something important comes up on your camera, and on the other hand we all are limited in the amount of data we can store. So:

Use a continuously filming video or continuous snapshots camera (never turned off) comes with three parts besides the camera:

1. Docking station 2. Web storage 3. Aftermath resurrection software

The storage is circularly overwritten, say once a day. You can mark sections to be saved.

The docking station takes down a copy, including the sections that you marked for saving. It slowly sends everything to the web server, doing deep lossless compression algorithms on both sides. (including software updates etc. All is automatic)

The docking station has enough memory for an overwrite cycle of say a week.

The web server saves your saved sections and gives you an interface to label them etc. It also stores the daily videos with enough storage for only a monthly overwrite cycle.

The docking station and/or the web server have thumbnail image extraction and smart sectioning to show you what is in danger of being overwritten, or just for making it easier for you to decide what you see and what you want to do with it.

pashute, Dec 20 2016

Manythings are similar to this idea https://manything.com/
Thanks to [maxwellbuchanan] for this link. [pashute, Dec 22 2016]


       This exists. For example "Manything" allows a smartphone to be used as a continuous webcam, with footage stored for a reasonable period. Excerpts can be taken and saved permanently.
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 22 2016

       // sends everything to the web server //   

       Bad idea. You don't ever want to be uploading anything important to a location where a government can snoop on it.   

       Keep it local.
8th of 7, Dec 22 2016

       [8th] I never did understand all this fear from "a government snooping" if it's not a dictatorship, and runs fairly, and since I mean no harm to anyone.   

       [Max], thanks for the ref. The diff is that mine can work with high resolution recorded locally and sent later (say once a day). And so needs the "docking station", which is in this case, the main money-making (for Samsung) novel part that is sold.
pashute, Dec 22 2016

       // I never did understand all this fear from "a government snooping" if it's not a dictatorship, and runs fairly, and since I mean no harm to anyone. //   

       We find your touching naïvety entertaining.   

       All governments snoop on their citizens, and those of other governments. They invariably misuse the data they acquire, because they are venal, untrustworthy, and institutionally deceptive.   

       They have far too much power, and have to be stopped.
8th of 7, Dec 22 2016

       Borg node for president. "We will reduce governmental information connectivity for more hidden citizens". I can't see it.
wjt, Dec 23 2016


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