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Bluetooth Cameras

"Hold it, just 3 more cameras to go..."
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In the digital age, why is it necessary for everyone to bring a digital camera to the party?

Who knows. But we do, anyways. Which means groups endure click after pointless click while they stare into the sun and a myriad of flashbulbs and their smiles create semi-permanent wrinkles.

Folks *could* just email the shot around. But who knows if people have email up-to-date, and who remembers to do it after the party's done and people are zombies?

My solution: add an instant wireless network protocol to the cameras. Set the camera to 'broadcast' mode, set the others to receive, take as many pics as necessary, and be on your merry way. For security reasons, broadcast mode only sends pictures taken after it was set, and it stops broadcasting when the camera falls asleep.

Of course, now we'd need a camera virus scanner...

RayfordSteele, Feb 22 2007

Use in conjunction with this Whacky_20Bluetooth_...peration_20Protocol
[hippo, Feb 22 2007]


       Hear, hear!
we_dont_eat_them, Feb 22 2007


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