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Infrared Digital Camera Port

Transfer pictures from camera to camera via an IR port
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This last weekend I was hanging out with a group of friends and near the end we decided to take a picture of the group. Now what normally happens is the picture-taker gets handed 23 cameras and the group has to wait for all the cameras to be used.

If all cameras came with a universal IR port to transfer pictures, only one camera would have to take the picture and it could transfer the pictures via IR to the other cameras.

While emailing the pictures later is an option, often times people can forget. The IR port makes it immediate, quick, and easy.

jverlee, May 03 2006


       surely this is baked ? mobile phones typically have cameras and IR ports, but IR is, well, just a bit slow, and line-of-site a headache.   

       Bluetooth's a bit better, but this is still a WIBNI.
neilp, May 03 2006

       Yeah, I agree this has gotta be out there somewhere, but wherever it is it doesn't seem standardized so that all cameras have it. Good call on IR being a bit slow. Blue tooth sounds like a good option, any other good/easy wireless transfer techniques out there?
jverlee, May 03 2006

       Why IR? What's wrong with WiFi?
AbsintheWithoutLeave, May 04 2006


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