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Age of Empires Theme Park

Dress up as a villager and chop wood, forage from bushes, mine gold and stone.
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I'd like to see an Age of Empires theme park.

It doesn't even have to be finished when it opens. People can visit during the Dark Age, and when it's profitable, then more investment can be made to get to the Feudal Age, Castle Age, and Imperial Age.

I'd enjoy dressing up as a villager and foraging from bushes or chopping wood. I guess a farm could also get some source of income from the free work, like from WWOOF.

An internet café to play the old games should be part of the attraction too.

peterburk, Nov 13 2017


       So some guy managed to get a game he wrote -"Watch Paint Dry" - onto Steam, and you're the guy who says "Hey, wouldn't be cool if we could do this in real life".   

       However, along those lines you can buy a plot of land out in the wilderness and do your own thing. There are actual consulting firms (no clue how good they are) that will tell you what to plant so you can have your own "food forest". And, there certainly are "off the grid" back-to-nature communes : maybe some of them are set up as B'n'Bs.   

       You'd probably have to bring your own dysentery, though.
FlyingToaster, Nov 14 2017


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