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Ahoy Boatmate!!

you want to go boating, but haven't any boat.
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I have said boat, but haven't any money for petrol. Oh my and oh dear. Download "Ahoy boatmate!" and hook each other up, and later that day be hooking up some delicious fish, as this app chips away at the loneliness.
r_kreher, Mar 09 2016


       I have a life preserver, and some skill with a deck mop...
RayfordSteele, Mar 09 2016

       This function is already performed by Craigslist. Granted, activities other than sailing are often referenced in the ads.
normzone, Mar 09 2016

       Nice way to meet someone whom shares your love of boating. Nice. + I would use it if I wasn't already anchored down. Ha.
blissmiss, Mar 09 2016

       Perhaps [r_kreher] could draft somebody. It's not as though it would keel them.
normzone, Mar 09 2016

       It's not unusual for a chance of a boat ride to be offered for sail ...
8th of 7, Mar 09 2016

       Just for the hull of it ?
normzone, Mar 09 2016

       That's a reminder of the cruelties perpetrated by A-tiller the Pun ...
8th of 7, Mar 09 2016

       I think we should knock this boat pun thing on the head right now. No gouda'll come of it, and edam well ought to ... no, wait. Where am I?
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 09 2016

       [Max], don't try to milk that line - that bilge won't float with us.
normzone, Mar 09 2016

       Plenty of opportunities if you're in Cowes. You always need someone to pull on the rudder.
pocmloc, Mar 10 2016

       Spread the sails, Anchor's a whey.
pocmloc, Mar 10 2016

       Every man-Jack on deck! There's a mess of cordage that will need more than a Swiss army knife!
normzone, Mar 10 2016


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