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Courtship 2 Marriage service

combination dating service and wedding services
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Here's how it works. A guy and lady meet through this dating service. If they fall in love and decide to marry, the same people who brought them together do the wedding planning -- everything from the bride's dress to the catering to the music. That way, it's everything for the wedding -- including the partner -- supplied under one roof, and the sweethearts would feel very confident having their wedding planned by the same person who introduced them to their partner
Sparki, Oct 23 2001


       Sparki, at what point do you want to stop the outsourcing -- primer noctis?
daruma, Oct 23 2001

       we met in McDonalds
po, Oct 23 2001

       I met my wife on match.com; not sure I'd want to have had them handle the wedding, though.
supercat, Oct 24 2001

       World of Islam
thumbwax, Oct 24 2001


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