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Air- Freshening Air- Conditioner

Controls the smells in your home.
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Today we can control the temperature inside our homes using air-conditioners, but have you ever wished you could control the way it smells as well. I propose the Air-freshening air-conditioner a two in one system to not only cool you down on those hot summer days but also make your house smell like freshly baked bread, cooked lasagne, whatever you want.

The Air-freshening air-conditioner would have a separate remote to control the temperature and the smell. The smells would be dispersed into the air by aid of the air-conditioner. The smells can be changed instantly by simply selecting a different smell. The first would be evaporated to be replaced within seconds by the selected smell.

It could be used to make your house smell pleasant and welcoming for invited guests, or make the house smell like someone just stepped in dog crap and trailed it through the house for those unwanted visitors.

Athena, Apr 11 2004

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       Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm - freshly baked bread.
DrCurry, Apr 12 2004

       Apply the ingredient to the dust filter in the return duct; e.g. slap a slice of fried bacon on the filter and watch the dog go crazy at the vents. I doubt that you can change the smell instantly because you have to get it out of the whole house first.
kbecker, Apr 12 2004


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