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Crease Divider

Fat Fold Air flow.
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Obese people must suffer during the warmer summer months, with all that heat building up in the folds of fat, causing great discomfort. At last, relief is available with the Crease divider. Imagine if you will a harness that sits comfortably like a vest, however, this vest has individually adjustable pouches, the wearer merely pops a fold of fat into the pouch and tightens the strap, thus lifting and seperating the folds, allowing airflow between it and the next fold, which also sits in its own pouch, when worn correctly, the wearers fat folds are discreetly seperated, allowing cooling air to flow between the folds providing a certain amount of cooling relief. The deluxe model has small, whisper quiet fans to provide an additional cooling breeze.
Micky Dread, Oct 07 2003


       OK, but is there something you can do for all these chins?
Amos Kito, Oct 07 2003

       Now they have more surface area from which to evaporate sweat. Can this make up for //all that heat building up in the folds of fat// ? Can they now be cooler than non-obese people?
swamilad, Oct 07 2003

       swamilad, good point. I'm assuming that the greater surface area may provide more efficient cooling. However I'm assuming there would still be a formidable layer of "insulating" material to reduce the ability for heat to transfer from the "core" to the Crease Divider.
Micky Dread, Oct 07 2003

       "Do you think my bum looks big in this crease divider?"
FarmerJohn, Oct 07 2003

       Reminds me of the guy in "Dune".
waugsqueke, Oct 07 2003

       More surface area, but also larger heat source than a thin person. How about this instead. Put your two hands on the egde of the table and PUUUSSSHHHH yourself away.
Nitehawk, Mar 23 2004


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