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Aircon Skipping Rope

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It's been very hot of late in cargo-cult land, especially on the streets, so the need to stay cool is a constant battle. It's also important to maintain an exercise regime, and that obviously creates a contradiction. This contrary set of aspirations are resolved by those who use the new Aircon Skipping Rope.

The rope itself is quite conventional, except for its ability to deliver a fine mist of cooling water for the person contained within the skipping arc. It can do this because woven into its structure are a set of tubes punctuated by tiny holes that spray out water as a consequence of the skipping action. The water is stored in a back-pack, with right and left feeder hoses connected by swivelling joints to the skipping rope handles. It then makes its way along the rope's tubing to create the cooling bubble.

Works best when skipping on the spot, though with sufficient practice, a walking action can be developed.

xenzag, Sep 08 2014


       The advanced version drives a pump, which forces coolant through a radiator and a compressor - or is it the other way around?
normzone, Sep 08 2014


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