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Airject acne zapper

Airject antibiotics directly onto pimples; bacteriostatic causes them to heal faster, dose is hundreds of thousands of times smaller
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Airjection is my word for when a pulse of air is used to inject materials with a pulse of air, a known technology.

I think it is possible that airjecting antibiotics into pimple sites could reduce bacterial growth, healing pimples faster, or stopping them when they are tiny.

To get around the FDAs regulation on antibiotics it is possible that natural products like tea tree oil or echinacea, both of which are published as reducing acne could be used. There is even the possibility that deuterium oxide is acnestatic.

(another three GSK ideas a day production)

beanangel, Dec 24 2017

Glaxo Smith Kline has a webpage encouraging consumer product ideas https://innovation....deas/submit-an-idea
[beanangel, Dec 24 2017]


       If you loaded this with VX, it would be a great way for South-East Asian dictators to eliminate potential rivals.
8th of 7, Dec 24 2017

       Or it might be a stealthy way to popularize airjecting of something transdermally. I am not sure what? beauty peptides maybe?
beanangel, Dec 24 2017

       Will a bacteriostatic antibiotic (which most of them are) remain at the site of delivery long enough to have any effect? Antibiotics in general distribute quickly and well around the body; and zits generally have a good blood supply.
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 26 2017

       [mb] sometimes they link drugs to oil to make a more durable gooey blob, technically they call it a palmitate. Antibiotic palmitates should have tunable diffusion.
beanangel, Dec 27 2017


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