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proper (sticking)plaster

Include a small elestin/collagen mesh in standard plaster package.
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In the maintenance industry, small nicks and cuts are common place. If the act is not common enough to form that callused skin then blood mess can be a work annoyance.Just using a common plaster sometimes is just not good enough.

I propose a collagen/elastin scaffold mesh that can quickly, from the standard plaster package, be placed on the wound, to help clot and act as a plug, This new layer will give the correct cells and clotting factors a formidable network to hang off in the sealing process. Less blood will flow and work can be continued unstained.

This is, of course, for superficial stuff as anything more serious should be checked by the correct credited healthy professional. There could be damage that needs to be cleaned or repaired before the organ of the skin mends any tears.

As the technology advances, this plugging mesh could possibly contain target molecules to adhere foreign bodies and trap them in the scabbing process or elicit a very mild immune response to make sure the surrounding tissue catches any missed infiltrators.

Less mess, less marks. work un-halted, a true plastering.

wjt, Jul 05 2020

New Skin https://www.amazon....rrOwQwaAnelEALw_wcB
[bs0u0155, Jul 06 2020]


       Getting plastered has never been so healthy.
Voice, Jul 05 2020

       You've over scaled me [kdf] the links you've given seem more on the serious clinical side, not the scrape on the edge of desk. Although, the addition of a minute amounts of TIMP's could be an advancement to stop small wounds losing needed scaffold.   

       Really, this idea is for another sheet (clotting bio-scaffolds) to be pushed into the minor scrape before the generic coloured plaster is stuck on, mostly to stop bleeding outside the plaster application..   

       At least one fish bone and one croissant doesn't equal zero votes.
wjt, Jul 06 2020

       Collagen/elastin and growth factors etc are all fragile protein molecules that will have to be carefully stored in a pH/osmolarity stabilized packaging away from light and probably refrigerated. That's a real pain in the neck. What I do for cuts from scalpels/razors and glass is hold it tightly closed with pressure, use a clean dry tissue to wipe away liquid before dripping some superglue in and over it. That seems to work better than anything else.   

       There are commercial products like new-skin <link>.
bs0u0155, Jul 06 2020

       [kdf] I just thought it wouldn't be aimed at the small stuff. Although the tiny toilet paper square technique, rather than a product, has been around for a a while.   

       [bs0u0155]I like the idea of carrying superglue, I can also stick back the edging tape.   

       I suppose the little square has to be synthetic then or a biomolecule not usually found in the mix. Ooh, a little vial of tiny colured squares. The hundreds and thousands of kiddie wound prep before the plaster goes on.
wjt, Jul 07 2020

       Your links aren't aimed at the small stuff is what I meant . I was replying to you. Most cheap plasters, for trivial stuff that bleeds, is sterile but doesn't have those extra factors.   

       Although [bs0u0155] did come up with that cyanoacrylate variation.
wjt, Jul 08 2020

       I'll have a look, when at the supermarket, drug store or pharmacy next.
wjt, Jul 12 2020


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