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Thirsty Eyebrow Juice

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Eyebrow Itch Cream
vfrackis, Oct 16 2012


       is this silly randomness or there an idea in there somewhere?
Voice, Oct 16 2012

       the name is silly, but the idea is sound.   

       eyebrows get itchy and why shouldn't an eyebrow itch cream be purpose made for itchy eyebrows in our world of excess.   

       fact: my eyebrows get itchy from time to time. I suspect others have experienced this. I was inspired today when I saw a man with excessively bushy eyebrows. his eyebrows must get itchy, i was thinking there is no way this guys eyebrows aren't on fire.   

       maybe firebrow cream is a better name
vfrackis, Oct 16 2012

       Eyebrow itching is usually caused by mites of the genus Demodex. Itching happens when the mites run out of their usual food (oils and dead skin), and start to burrow in towards the skull.
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 16 2012

       In the case of [vfrackis], they've obviously tunneled waaay too far …
8th of 7, Oct 16 2012

       They tend to stop when they hit bone.   

       However, there are exceptions. Skull bone consists of a very spongy, porous layer sandwiched between two denser layers. In some (random) places, there are small holes in the outer (and probably also the inner) layer. Burrowing Demodex mites sometimes get lucky and hit one of these holes, allowing them to get into the spongy inner layer. Fortunately, the inner layer is a partially 'closed cell' foam, meaning that they can only migrate so far within the spongy bone before reaching an impasse (they can't get through bone material).   

       If this happens in childhood or adolescence, the bone can react either by expanding its spongy layer, leading to an otherwise inexplicable bump in the skull; or by collapsing, leading to a thin bit of skull which manifests itself as a dent. In any one individual, the bone seems to do either one or the other - so you might have two or more bumps; or two or more dents; but you're unlikely to have a bump and a dent (other than injuries).
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 16 2012

       Come on vfrackis these ideas while being mildly funny concepts are not original inventions. If you had posted an idea for an eyebrow brow, a high brow to be worn above the eyebrow that might qualify. Or even a lowbrow, might be more fitting for you, an eyebrow for below the eye much like baseball players wear, but only a brow. Or even an earbrow, a brow shaved into the side of the head above the ear, using already existing hair. Or even a Lobe Brow below the ear. However despite the ease of creating something that is even a little bit original, you have posted this.
rcarty, Oct 16 2012


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