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go faster bicycle helmet
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Britain's Olympic cyclists have once again prevailed! Hurrahhh!!! Just watching them powering along is enough to inspire any cyclist, but few can match their speed and endurance. We can at least imitate some of their attributes, one of these being their spiffy helmets.

For the average punter struggling to negotiate their way through roads clogged with sedentary slobs driving giant 4x4 global warming factories on wheels, there is nothing more satisfying than encountering an open stretch of clear cycle lane, and leaving them behind. Down goes the head to reduce the air drag, but wait, no average commuter cycles through city traffic wearing one of those aerodynamic, extended tear drop shaped helmets. (for good reasons)

This is where Airmadillo comes into play. A flick of a switch releases a burst of compressed air into a telescopic tear-drop shape that springs out from the back of the helmet, instantly transforming its rear profile into that of the famous tear-drop shape favoured by high speed racers. The Airmadillo name is naturally derived from the layered tapering shape of an armadillo.

Once the speed burst has been concluded, the layered tail can be collapsed back into place, and the conventional helmet shape restored for easy carrying and storage.

xenzag, Aug 15 2016


       //The Airmadillo name is naturally derived from the layered tapering shape of an armadillo.//   

       Does nobody else think it strange that two of the most streamlined animals are the tortoise and the armadillo?
MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 15 2016

       It's because they move really fast - but only when nobody's watching
hippo, Aug 15 2016

       Not a zeppelin shaped like an Armadillo ?
popbottle, Aug 16 2016


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