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Helmet pomade

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Helmet wearers sometimes leave their helmets locked to their bicycles, or otherwise available. Helmet pomade is desgined to brighten the grueling and dangerous lives of bicycle riders, in a manner akin to a bouquet of flowers from a secret admirer. A dab of helmet pomade applied by a well wisher will rest inconspicuously inside the helmet, but as the rider begins to work and the helmet heats up, it will melt, releasing microcapsules of fragrance. Imagine the smile on the riders face as he finds himself enveloped in an aromatic envelope of delightful smelling strawberry or musk! Best of all, the Helmet pomade will mingle with the rider's hair, so he or she can enjoy the freshness for the rest of the day.

Also useful for motorcyclists, polo players, and infantrymen.

bungston, May 31 2006

*Kinda* baked for equestrian helmets. http://www.pelham-s...hel&Product_Count=2
Citrus! [Letsbuildafort, Jun 01 2006]

Helmet Fresh Spray http://www.allenslaw.com/hf.html
Just something to think about. [Letsbuildafort, Jun 01 2006]


       I can't stop laughing thinking about "new car scent" for someone's bicycle helmet. [+]
Letsbuildafort, Jun 01 2006

       It can be any scent as long as it's a Dapper Dan fragrance. You see, I'm a Dapper Dan man.
NotTheSharpestSpoon, Jun 01 2006

       Yeah - Mitchum sucks.   

       In addition, I think it would be cool to have the scent change, since you're making it into a paste. Start off as "New Ferrari Leather" scent and have it progress to something like "Pine Forest" or something. Kinda of like a scented Gobbstopper.
Letsbuildafort, Jun 01 2006

       Anonomyzed gifterating smelleration? bun.
epicproblem, Jun 01 2006


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