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Helmet with Savonius Turbine

For measuring air speed, when ground speed is misleading.
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Ideal for bike riding on windy days. Output is wirelessly transmitted to a wristwatch and/or cycle computer.
Texticle, Jul 31 2007

Savonius turbine http://en.wikipedia...vonius_wind_turbine
[normzone, Jul 31 2007]

Anemometer http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anemometer
[jutta, Jul 31 2007]


       Storm chasers would be another likely market
batou, Jul 31 2007

       What's the point of mounting the anemometer on the rider, rather than anywhere else on the bicycle?
jutta, Jul 31 2007

       Because then it could be used for running, walking, skydiving or even just standing around carefully noting meteorological data.
Texticle, Aug 01 2007

       [+] sheer apical meteorologeek effect
lurch, Aug 01 2007

       (While waiting for the bus)"Funny weather we're having today"   

       "Indeed it is. A South-westerly breeze of 4-5 knots for most of the morning, changing to North-westerly in the afternoon and rising as high as 18 knots"   

       "Do you work in IT by any chance?"
marklar, Aug 01 2007

       Except you can't get directional information out of a Savonius
BunsenHoneydew, Aug 06 2007

       Sure you can. Make it very slightly asymmetrical (like putting a flat tab on one side). Then watch the changes in rotor speed - when the tab is moving downwind, it turns faster, upwind slower. Since wind direction is commonly only reported to sixteen points of the compass, a low-resolution shaft encoder would be sufficient.
lurch, Aug 06 2007

       needs a better title, but a little nerd arrow points you toward the slowly spinning bun i'm giving you. +
k_sra, Aug 06 2007

       Add a small generator and you can power a pair of nose hair trimmers.
Road Show, Aug 06 2007

       Reminds me of a movie I saw years ago. Sean Connery is sailing on the open sea at considerable speed. His companion, probably a jaunty young lady in 60s-style bikini and boufant, inquires about the wind direction. Sean licks a finger and places it in the air. He then points in a direction not entirely dissimilar to the direction in which he is travelling and says, "From over there."
theleopard, Aug 06 2007

       Why not go the whole hog and use a helmet mounted laser anemometer?
wagster, Aug 06 2007

       Because, in the words of the man himself, we must add lightness and simplicate.
Texticle, Aug 08 2007


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