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Airplane racing.

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Airplance racing is cool. Problem is, that its highly dangerous. Much like NASCAR was back in the 50's and 60's. Now its very rare that a person dies in a spectacular car crash. The safety increase was due in a large part because of standardization. Roll cages, engine size, fuel tank, roof flaps, neck restraints and so forth.

I suggest that the planes that do the racing become standardized. Single prop airplanes with high powered engines. The prop itself would be covered much like the fan on an airboat. The pilot would be encased in a steel roll cage, that would break away from the rest of the airplane in case of a wreck. The planes would not be made of light-weight materials, but would be built much like the fighters during WW2. I have seen footage of P-51 mustangs using their wings to knock other aiplanes of course. If military planes such as the A-10 can take all that damage I think a civilian craft can be made to do so as well.

The result would be a slower moving craft but a much safer one at that. Collisions mid air would be common place and would add to the excitement.

Antegrity, Oct 03 2005

Rocket Racing League http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/9572408/
[theircompetitor, Oct 03 2005]


       Difference between a car and a plane is that if your roll cage disconnects from the rest of the plane mid-air, it isn't quite 4 feet to get to the ground.   

       And the core concept (make all planes the same), strikes me as a let's all.
hidden truths, Oct 03 2005

       this is getting baked by Diamantis of x~prize
theircompetitor, Oct 03 2005

       No more of a 'let's all' than single manufacturer car or boat racing, or deliberately exciting (ie dangerous) races like the Indy 500. Couldn't find anything about this on google (though [tc] seems to know something) so it's pastry from me.
wagster, Oct 03 2005

       Check that link! Truth, as ever, is stranger...
wagster, Oct 03 2005

       Plane racing would take place no higher than 100 feet off the ground. It a plane crashes I think a well made safety cage would prevent the pilot from dying. Though the roll cage may tumble into the stadium killing hundreds of spectators. That of course would boost ratings.
Antegrity, Oct 04 2005

       Maybe if it was just time trials...
Cuit_au_Four, Oct 04 2005

       40G human bodies don't withstand 200G decelerations too well.
bristolz, Oct 04 2005


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