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LP Record Slalom

Transportation, Street Cred, and clever Recycling
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I have actually done this on numerous occasions.

You need, an LP record, a steep road (best if it has just rained or there is light rain), thick soled shoes. Basically, the LP record is exactly the same size as an average back side, and the combination of vinyl on wet bitumen creates very little friction, and dangerous speed. You can get about 2-4 goes on each record, before it wears through, and you have to be careful you are sitting properly on it, but you have quite a bit of control using your feet as a steer and brake.

This would be good for DJ's, who might be late for their gigs. A sub culture could arise, and gangs of 'vinyl zippers' would cruise about with bags full of old records (the worse the content of the album the more highly sort after it is within the group). The small vinyl singles could easily be attached to hands or feet, for other applications when steep hills were not available.

benfrost, Mar 02 2001

Build a Destruct-O-Phone http://www.geocitie...mishfan/builda.html
Wear your records out with a steel needle, and play them without electricity. [Amishman35, Jan 13 2002]


       Can't have my records, they're too freakin' expensive!   

       I'm a DJ, and I don't fancy trying to carry my crate while sliding on my hind-quarters. Plus, the town I live in has no hills, so I wouldn't get up much speed.
zero5, Sep 18 2001

       So this is what happened to the old 78's.
skinflaps, Sep 15 2005

       this is one of my very first postings
benfrost, Sep 16 2005

       I can tell, due to the complete absence of body parts. Oops, my mistake - backsides.   

       Now there's no excuse for having that 'embarrasing' record in the collection.
wagster, Sep 16 2005


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