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Xtreme Ottoman

Downhill ottoman racing
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Upholstered ottoman races on paved downhill courses, with riders sitting atop in whatever position they find most effective for controlling the ottoman. Ottomans could use the standard factory 'casters' or could be equipped with professional skateboard-quality trucks. Courses would have banked turns and jumps, and for the true ottoman enthusiast, grinding rails.

Inspired by a 20-second excerpt from "Trading Spaces".

waugsqueke, Jun 03 2002

(?) Go Downhill Furniture Racing in Montana http://www.national...ents/2002_apr6.html
" There will be an avalanche of ottomans and whooshing sofas today during the 32nd annual on-slope Furniture Race at the Big Mountain Resort in Whitefish, Montana." [phoenix, Jun 03 2002]

Hot Rod Furniture http://www.draglist...2001/SOD-011301.htm
[phoenix, Jun 03 2002]

Electric furniture racing http://cmeyers.boilerbots.com/chair.html
[phoenix, Jun 03 2002]


       Could the qualifying heats be Ottoman Empirical Races?   

       I could see this developing - lightweight shopping trolleys (spaceframe racing construction) for the real speed merchants. Less dignified, of course.
drew, Jun 03 2002

       ¯drew: "Ottoman Empirical" In a world of tasty puns, that is a snow cone.
reensure, Jun 03 2002

       Most kind. Thankyou.
drew, Jun 03 2002

       <am speeding at 50 m.p.h. & halfway down Hampstead Hill - out of control> How do you steer this thing again?
po, Jun 07 2002


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