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Airport Bingo

Easing Stress for Passengers During Flight Delays
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I am not a frequent traveler, but I frequently see news reports of airline passengers being delayed in terminals for many hours, or even days due to a wide variety of reasons.

I propose that Bingo games be held in one or more areas of the terminal. If a passenger is experiencing a delay of over two hours, there will be no entry fee for the first 3 cards. The delay can be validated by the passenger’s ticket.

Prizes would be chosen from luggage that has been unclaimed for over one year. The Unclaimed Baggage Center in Scottsdale Arizona (See link) is the only clearinghouse at present for these items. They report having over 7,000 items in the store every day. Obviously, banned items, such as gel shoe inserts and decorative snow globes, (see link) would be excluded. And to make it even more exciting, the prize would not be revealed until a winner was announced and verified. According to the Unclaimed Baggage Center, “We never know what is going to be tucked into a corner of a bag! When a small plastic bag was found with a mysterious stone, it took expert help to identify the rock as a huge 40.95-carat natural emerald!”

ginny2k, Dec 24 2008

Unclaimed Baggage http://www.unclaimedbaggage.com/
[ginny2k, Dec 24 2008]

Prohibited Items http://www.tsa.gov/...ohibited-items.shtm
[ginny2k, Dec 24 2008]

airport karoke http://www.kold.com...story.asp?s=9464624
[xandram, Dec 24 2008]


       have you seen/heard about Airport Karoke?
[see link] making it worse?
xandram, Dec 24 2008

       Maybe they can ship the banned item you won back to your house for you :)
phundug, Dec 24 2008

       Where does all that stuff really Go anyway?   

       Tour the store at the unclaimed baggage link to the left. They sell a lot of stuff.   

       The thought of public karoke sends shivers down my back, particularly if I had to wait near that area. Bingo would be an international game with the numbers displayed on a monitor and would offer prizes. Perhaps both could be offered.
ginny2k, Dec 29 2008

       The one thing I'd change about this is: rather than require a *delay* of 2 hours, make it "3 hours after you arrive at the airport". (You punch in when you get to the airport door.) This would encourage people to arrive early and thus help prevent delays in the first place.
phundug, Dec 29 2008


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