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People Watching Scavenger Hunt Bingo

Grind types and pour them on a bingo card
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As one of those types who enjoys the sports of people watching and street photography, I've found a means to combine the two experiences and elevate them to the status of a bingo game.

Okay, maybe elevate is not the correct word. Anyway, it works like this.

Preprinted cards are distributed to the players. The squares have descriptions such as " Obese child under ten years of age" and "elderly man with silver hair to his shoulders".

The players take to the streets with digital cameras and look for matches. A busy park on a weekend would ensure plenty of opportunities to find a match.

The first person to get five in a row wins the prize.

normzone, Aug 24 2009

Damn, I found some prior art - http://annieinmn.fi...08/08/fairbingo.pdf
But they don't include photographing the people, just seeing them at the state fair. Ten different cards. [normzone, Aug 24 2009]


       I'm well up for the first round [+]
kaz, Aug 24 2009

       how do we describe ourselves? fluffy haired with camera?!
po, Aug 24 2009

       Call me "Six foot one, drunken fun".
normzone, Aug 24 2009

       Really this would be more fun with the old Polaroids where you would have a stack of pictures at the end. But the digital version would mean that multiple sites could play at once, across the world.
bungston, Oct 25 2010

       Now if only we could still get Polaroid film.
normzone, Feb 07 2012

       The pictures submitted should be ranked 1-5 for matching the criteria (e.g. if you come up with a middle-aged man with gold hair to his shoulders, that scores 2, but the real thing scores 5). This helps break ties.
phundug, Feb 07 2012

       [+] A merely "correct" photo gets you one point, but there should be a jury, to award extra points based on esthetic quality of the photo.   

       For people who aren't skilled photographers, there could be variants where extra points were awarded for something else, e.g. if the the subject of the photo was making threatening gestures, or if you talked the subject into doing a silly pose, or if you got two different required sorts of people in the same photo.
mouseposture, Feb 08 2012


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