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HazMat Bingo

A car game for chemistry geeks
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Ever notice those diamond shaped signs on the side of cargo trucks? They often display a four digit number. This number is a hazardous materials (HazMat) code number, used by rescue personnel in responding to an emergency involving the vehicle.

Recently I’ve been driving on a particular highway in my area on which much cargo travels, so I’ve been noticing these signs. Certain ones such as 1203 for gasoline/petrol are very common, but others like 1846 (carbon tetrachloride) are quite rare. Here’s a game based on them.

To play this game you need some bingo-like cards with a 5x5 grid. Each card is different. In the grid boxes are randomly listed items like the following:

* The numbers themselves (1977, 1203, etc.)
* Names of the substances (liquid oxygen, petrol, etc.)
* Elements within them (carbon, nitrogen, etc.)
* Characteristics (flammable, liquid, acidic, etc.)

The driver leads the game, but does not play. When a truck is spotted, the driver calls out the HazMat number. Each player may now mark exactly one square on their card. Often more than one will match, so there is some strategy here: if dad calls out 1075 and you have squares containing “LP gas”, “carbon” and “flammable” you have to make a choice.

If you get five in a row, call out “HAZMAT!” and you win that game.

To aid new players, a few seconds after calling out the hazmat code the driver calls out the name of the corresponding chemical. And a few seconds after that, call out its characteristics too.

A new way to occupy the kids on those long trips, and maybe (just maybe) help them learn a little science.

krelnik, Jan 22 2003

Hoyle's official guide http://hazmat.dot.g...en/2000/unidnum.htm
[krelnik, Oct 04 2004, last modified Apr 26 2005]

Punch Buggy / Slug Bug rules http://www.beetlema...rg.uk/pnchbugy.html
[krelnik, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

HazMat database for MobileDB on Palm OS http://www.mobiledb...author^!hazardous~!
Jun 09, 2004: Download it into your PalmPilot, and use it to moderate the game. Not for use by driver! Requires a piece of software called MobileDB. [krelnik, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

HAZCHEM guide http://the-ncec.com/hazchem/
Fixed URL for a link originally posted by [hippo], Jan 23 2003. [krelnik, Apr 26 2005]


       Fun, Easy and Educational... I like it. (+)
reap, Jan 22 2003

       I hope you can keep your eyes on the road aswell,might be better if you had someone in the front passenger seat do the call,nice idea though. +
skinflaps, Jan 22 2003

       My kids aren’t old enough yet, but (+) for the day that they are. This sing-along thing is getting annoying.
Shz, Jan 22 2003


       I was going to post Dewey Decimal Bingo (room full of librarians with dewey number marked cards and Big Blobbers listen to caller shouting out things like "chemistry", "earwigs" and "criminology." The librarians then have to remember the Dewey number to see if it matches with one on their cards. Normal Bingo procedure applies) but I figure this is one bandwagon that can do without an extra passenger, so I'm not going to mention it at all.
my face your, Jan 23 2003

       I can play this game in my workshop !   

       "I'll match your volatile solvent , and raise you a flammable solid and an oxidiser."
8th of 7, Jan 23 2003

       Nice. +
DrBob, Jan 23 2003

       Wonderful. Fun and educational +
oneoffdave, Jan 23 2003

       I think this might be "HAZCHEM bingo" in Europe. See link. Good idea, anyway.
hippo, Jan 23 2003

       Slug Bug [thc]? Is that like Punch Buggy, Pinch Mini?
oneoffdave, Jan 24 2003

       Yes Slug Bug is the same game. See link.   

       Do you see many VW bugs in your area carrying hazardous materials?
krelnik, Jan 24 2003


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