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Alarm Clock Game Show

Wake people up and ask them 20 questions
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This wake up service calls you up and asks you a series of questions, Cash Cab style.

The faster you wake up and wipe the cobwebs from your mind, the better your chance for a prize

The free service will be supported by broadcasting the inevitably hilarious segments for others entertainment

theircompetitor, Sep 03 2011

Sleepwalk-A-Thon Sleepwalk-A-Thon
could be played as contestants wake up from this [swimswim, Oct 23 2011]

Wake N Shake http://techcrunch.c...-multi-player-game/
[theircompetitor, Dec 13 2012]

"You've just won a rooster alarm clock!" _22Realistic_20Rooster_22_20Alarm_20Clock
[FlyingToaster, Dec 13 2012]

Social Alarm Clock http://venturebeat....social-alarm-clock/
[theircompetitor, Jan 15 2013]

and, for those who'd like to wake up a stranger http://techcrunch.com/2014/12/10/wakie/
[theircompetitor, Dec 10 2014]


       "You've just won a rooster alarm clock!"
skinflaps, Oct 23 2011

swimswim, Oct 23 2011

       Something that wakes me up on time _and_ kicks my brain into 2nd gear first thing in the morning? Yes, please. How hilarious do I have to be to come back for the championship round?   

       Seriously, I need something like this. Call me in the morning to collect your bun.
Alterother, Oct 23 2011

       as long as the correct answer is "grrufhk morfkh groff thehelltimeitis"
FlyingToaster, Dec 13 2012

       //Something that wakes me up on time _and_ kicks my brain into 2nd gear first thing in the morning?//   

       <Boringly practical> If you really want to make it easy to be awake and alert in the morning, don't mess up your circadian rhythm. As soon as you're awake, go outside for a while (having an outside toilet really helps). And don't mess around with bright lights after sunset.
spidermother, Dec 16 2012

       I picture Derrick Brown waking up his mark out of sleep to lead him on a mysterious adventure. I love this idea. You get pre-signed agreements from potential competitors, you wake them on a random day, you film them. I may try to make this real.
awesomest, Jul 30 2013

       A bun with MY coffee! [+]
xandram, Jul 31 2013


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