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Now + some snooze

Get a few more winks without setting the alarm
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I typically don't set my alarms on the weekends, preferring to sleep in. This plan is usually foiled by my kids waking me up for something silly like breakfast. "Gimme 10 more minutes," I'll say, so I can wake up apace.

But occasionally, rather than work my way to alertness, I'll work my way to unconsciousness. I might wake up an hour later with folks from Child Welfare knocking on my door (yes, they're watching you even now).

These are the times I wish I had a feature on my clock where I could push a button to just have the alarm sound a few minutes into the future. No need to open my eyes, figure out the time, do math, move the alarm setting from where ever it normally sits (then remember to move it back).

Maybe one button for +5 minutes and one button for +10 minutes. Tap each button one time and the alarm will sound in 15 minutes. Tap the 10 minute button three times for an extra 30 minute snooze.

phoenix, Feb 01 2009


       Uh, most electric alarm clocks have a "snooze" button which gives you another few minutes (usually nine - for some reason). They don't usually allow you to select different snooze lengths, though.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 01 2009

       Maxwell, I think you missed the point - this button is for when you don't set the alarm overnight, but you just want it to go off x minutes from now.
paix120, Feb 01 2009

       Perhaps Mr Buchanan's confusion illustrates a potential obstacle for this feature. People may not understand what it does, and get it mixed up with the existing snooze feature. Nonetheless, I like it and would use it.
tatterdemalion, Feb 01 2009

       Ah - yes, misunderhended - apologies.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 01 2009

       There's no reason it can't be the same snooze button you'd use to silence the alarm. The difference is this button would work whether or not the alarm had gone off.
phoenix, Feb 01 2009

       The alarm clock function on my old cell phone did this.
Eugene, Feb 01 2009

       Can we have the increments in hours please.
wagster, Feb 02 2009

       Nice Idea, sort of like an 'Anti-Sleep' function. The Sleep function on my alarm clocak turns the radio on for an hour (or less if you keep pushing the button).
gnomethang, Feb 02 2009


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