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Throwable Alarm Clock Snooze Function

The harder you throw it against the wall, the longer you get to snooze
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I find this hard to believe, but none of the throwable alarm clocks I've seen on the market have the thowing activate a snooze function. There may be one out there but I haven't found it. They're shaped like balls or hand grenades, (ha ha ha,) but that's about it. They're gag gifts.

Having a suitably padded alarm clock whose impact with the wall activates the snooze function is the obvious utilitarian use for an alarm clock that you throw when it goes off. You get one snooze, then you've got to at least get up, find it and throw it again if you want to sleep in some more. The amount of effort you put into throwing it would determine how much more you wanted to sleep.

Wonder if they have an alarm clock you can shoot with a video game style infra-red gun. Have little fake springs and parts comically pop out when you shoot it.

Not interested enough to check.

doctorremulac3, Oct 23 2011

$20 + S/H for a shooter alarm clock. http://www.mwave.co...P&scriteria=BA47672
[swimswim, Oct 23 2011]

Throw this feature in as well Toy_20that_20Runs_20and_20Hides
What the hell [doctorremulac3, Oct 23 2011]


       To your closing wonderance: yes, sort of. There exist alarm clocks that you shoot with an IR gun to turn off. Not sure about the comically popping-out springs and parts though.   

       And to the first part of your idea, [+]. Although it wouldn't be so well appreciated if you threw it and it bounced into a hard-to-reach place under the bed.
swimswim, Oct 23 2011

       This is probably more of a bachelor pad device as well. Most spouses probably wouldn't be thrilled with their husbands slamming things against the wall first thing in the morning. Especially if it bounced back and hit them in the head.   

       As for the rolling under the bed, you could design it to specifically do that. Like the hiding device idea posted here many years ago.   

       Start your day in a blind rage trying to find where the alarm clock rolled an hid. Of course you could follow the alarm, so it would have to turn off after a few moments, roll somewhere else and turn on again.   

       Add these features, call it the "exasperating alarm clock with wall slam snooze function" and you've got an alarm clock with personality. Not a good personality, but a personality. It could even have sensors that made it roll away when you got close so you'd have to chase after it like a mouse. Like it was a mouse, not you. Not sure how you'd chase something like you were a mouse. Holding your hands up to your chin like little mouse feet with your nose all wiggled up I guess. I don't think most people would elect to chase their alarm clock in a mock-mouse fashion though as that would be silly.   

       You could adjust how obnoxious you wanted it to be depending on how horribly you wanted your day to start.
doctorremulac3, Oct 23 2011

       Add in the shooting feature and you've really got a winner. Throw it hard and it snoozes for a while; just long enough for you to wipe the sleep from your eyes and grab your IR pistol. Then the clock starts rolling away from you and BLEEPing again, louder and louder, and doesn't stop until you shoot it.
swimswim, Oct 23 2011

       Cool! I picture inspector Clouseau wanting one of these. He had his assistant jump out and attack him at random to "keep his reflexes sharp".   

       You'd start every morning hunting your wiley alarm clock as a way to get the blood angered up for the day.   

       Having it shoot back would probably be taking it too far though.
doctorremulac3, Oct 23 2011

       T.G.F.J., who always cheats when she doesn't like the rules, says she would just attach a bungee so that she could stay in bed.
Alterother, Oct 23 2011


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