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Alarm clock that rings only if you're in bed

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Have you ever awakened from a nap, gone out, and returned 8 hours later to discover that you've forgotten to turn off your alarm clock and it's been beeping all day? Your poor neighbors!

Or maybe you wake up just before your morning alarm rings and head into the bathroom, and just as you're relaxing on the toilet, the thing starts screeching? But you're engaged and can't get up to turn it off. so you're stuck listening to it.

An alarm clock control that, prior to ringing, senses whether you're in bed or not (by weight sensor, light beam, whatever), and only enables the alarm if you're there, would prevent these embarrassments.

(To avoid the one-in-a-million scenario where you wake up, don't realize what time it is, are in the bathroom during the moment for which the alarm is set, and then get back into bed and miss your wake-up, perhaps an "auto snooze" should be added, which detects that you're back in bed now and thus re-wakes you.)

Thank you.

phundug, Nov 13 2006

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o.k. lets link to m_b's idea and put him out of his misery Alarm_20Clock_20Pillow
[po, Nov 14 2006]

Somebody went and made one for you. http://hackedgadget...ontime-alarm-clock/
they even gave credit to halfbakey.com! [bleh, Dec 08 2007]


       yes [+]
pertinax, Nov 13 2006

       You'll be wearing the Slap-Hat, surely?
theleopard, Nov 13 2006

       Of course! Hell it could incorporate the Alarm clock that rings only if you're in bed, if Phundug wishes to pursue a collaboration...
theleopard, Nov 13 2006

       Is it just me or can nobody see that this is a terrible idea
Mind_Boggle, Nov 13 2006

       Because there is no point. My alarm doesn't beep all day, it stops itself after an hour. But I remember to turn it off anyways
Mind_Boggle, Nov 13 2006

       Not to mention, [mindboggle], your 1-hour auto shutoff clock doesn't mitigate Problem #2 in the idea text.
phundug, Nov 13 2006

       It should be able to detect wether or not you will need the alarm in the morning based on your sleeping behavior.
daseva, Nov 13 2006

       You are welcome. [+].
methinksnot, Nov 13 2006

       [link} Read pooducks anno, or did you?
Chefboyrbored, Nov 14 2006

       Well I have my alarm on radio and if I am currently engaged in the toilet and it goes off i somehow, just barely, manage to sit through the deafening sound that is the morning crew. If you don't like the buzzer change the the alarm to radio. I'm pretty sure most radio's have auto shut off if they were bought after 1985
Mind_Boggle, Nov 14 2006

       My alarm (bought 2 years ago [M_B]) doubles as a CD player so I set it to play my music to wake me up. It'll just play the CD on loop until I turn it off. When was living in the apartment I had last year, I can't even begin to describe how much it would annoy my neighbours when I'd go away for the weekend and forget to turn it off. I regret that I have only one bun to give.
hidden truths, Nov 14 2006

       My bed side alarm also has a CD player plus auto shut off. PLus every bedside radio I've ever had (admittedly I've only had 3) all have had auto shut off. I regret that I only have one fishbone to give
Mind_Boggle, Nov 14 2006

       I fail to see your tenacious opposition to this idea. Even if we were to presume that all alarms were to stop after an hour, as yours does. It could still be an annoyance to others. The suggested solution is not intrusive nor would it interfere with your life in any way. That you wouldn't personally purchase one doesn't make it a bad idea.
hidden truths, Nov 14 2006

       That I wouldn't personally purchase one does make it a bad idea in my book. How loud do you people have your alarm clocks anyway? Mine's never been so aloud as to cause unrest to my neighbours in the building I live in.
Mind_Boggle, Nov 14 2006

       I would never live in a Film Noir Home, visit the ARRRRRGH'S!!! franchise or wear Hide Behind Your Tiny Hands glasses. This does not prevent me from thinking that they are brilliant ideas.   

       Speaking purely for myself, whilst I truly enjoy reading ideas that make me think 'I really want one of those' (as this one does), I also appreciate ideas that would be commercially viable if brought to sale, even if I personally wouldn't want one.   

       Deep sleeper with thin walls.
hidden truths, Nov 14 2006

       The perfect gift, for that special someone who leaves the alarm on all the f'n' time.
Shz, Nov 14 2006

       (More of a gift for that person's roommate...)
phundug, Nov 14 2006

       Yeah, me. :)
Shz, Nov 14 2006

       I can't help it that I keep reading bad ideas
Mind_Boggle, Nov 14 2006

       [21Q] much as he is making himself appear obnoxious, the lack of votes on his ideas is because they are pre-crash and most of their votes are wiped out.   

       I wouldn't buy rock climbing equipment and take up rock climbing, but that doesn't make it a bad idea in my book - just one that doesn't suit me. I'm not the golden standard, and to suggest that I was would be remarkably egocentric and arrogant.
david_scothern, Nov 14 2006

       Your famous! <linky>
bleh, Dec 08 2007

       Wow! (Using a keyboard as the weight sensor is clever)
phundug, Dec 09 2007

       I wonder if that guy is one of our own. Anyone wish to come forward and claim your praise?
bleh, Dec 09 2007

       By the way, where do I pick up my money?
phundug, Dec 09 2007


       you could add the same occupant sensor that is used in cars to identify weight and position - if you have more than 1 bed occupant, you could simply put in your weights and corresponding alarm time and the bed will wake you up individually.   

       i am a year late but i will bun this idea anyways. [+]
pyggy potamus, Dec 09 2007

       I'm actually offended that this isn't a thing by now, given today's sleep and activity tracking software built into our smartphones and watches. I came here to post this idea, albeit a bit more specific to use of such software, and found this on my search for prior art. 16 years it's been posted here, and we still ain't got it!? I need a coffee...
21 Quest, Nov 01 2022

       If I has this I would start to suffer bouts of sleepwalking right around alarm time.
Voice, Nov 01 2022


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