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Alarm clock collar

For the reluctant.
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New from BorgCo, a simple but effective device to ensure a timely awakening.

The unit is a lightweight but very strong webbing collar, with a locking plastic buckle of the type used on suitcase straps.

Attached to the collar is a robust plastic moulding containing a digital alarm clock mechanism and a speaker.

The clock can only be set and unset when the buckle is open.

There are a selection of ringtones, or users can download their own choice.

The alarm cannot be set if the alarm time is after the time that the unit calculates the internal battery will be exhausted.

To use, charge the unit, set the alarm time, put on the collar and close the buckle, and leave the key some distance from the bedroom.

At the alarm time the unit will start to make a noise, and will continue until the buckle is unlocked and unclipped.

8th of 7, Jul 24 2015


       I'm shocked it doesn't involve shocking.
21 Quest, Jul 24 2015

       He said that. I, too, am shocked. The c word was wholly absent despite multiple opportunities to include them. Perhaps our [8th] has mellowed over the years?
Voice, Jul 24 2015

       Wow. Bigsleep's comment went RIGHT over my head!
21 Quest, Jul 25 2015

       You could make the disarming device the " ON " button of the coffee maker.
normzone, Jul 28 2015

       I want one with a pillow cut diamond, please. So I look nice while I am tearing at my neck, running down the street in my pj's.
blissmiss, Jul 28 2015

       Echoes of Lucy Jordan ....
8th of 7, Jul 29 2015


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