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Alcoholic Non-alcoholic Beverage

libation systematically ferments in transit by accident
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I don't know if there is an much of a need for this outside the US, but I know it would work here.

Sell slightly more sugary kombucha to independent health food stores, but take too long to ship it, and "forget" to refrigerate the trucks. The bottles will undergo secondary fermentation and by the time the store chills it and sells it to an eager public, it will be booze.

You will be selling the only alcoholic beverage covered by food stamps. Riches bury you.

(Requisitely negligent shipping fleet not included.)

fishboner, Nov 10 2012

D.I.Wino D_2eI_2eWino
[spidermother, Nov 10 2012]


       Irresponsible, horrible, evil, and wrong. [+]
Voice, Nov 10 2012

       //I suspect it wouldn't take long for the FDA to be onto you...//   

       You mean the ATF? Or are you talking about the food stamps?   

       I can buy alcoholic kombucha with foodstamps already. This process I describe is a marketing anomaly akin to a natural phenomenon which I the inventor have observed, modeled and harnessed for your drinking pleasure.   

       The real problem is that it is SO easy to make your own kombucha for pennies, and it is better than anything at the store, and word is spreading quick.
fishboner, Nov 10 2012

       Wow, I'm not even American, and my first thought was also //You mean the ATF?//
spidermother, Nov 10 2012


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