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Alexa who farted?

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Amazon alexa has 8 built in microphones to detect the direction of a sound source. Though it is currently set up to record only when it hears its name this could easily be modified. Alexa fart detector could easily identify what quadrant of your room the far occured so you can finally blame the right parties.
bob, Aug 05 2017

Google Toilet https://www.youtube...watch?v=GLoVtbKL1fk
Alexa, who farted, is better, less invasive. [sophocles, Aug 06 2017]


       Finally - a use for Alexa.
MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 05 2017

       <Alexa voice>"You know very well Bob, I'm programmed play the flatulence mp3 and to say it was I"</Alexa voice>
wjt, Aug 05 2017

       Siri Bob, it just slipped out.
AusCan531, Aug 05 2017

       Why not train Alexa to recognise the distinctive chemical profile of each individual's farts?
nineteenthly, Aug 06 2017

       <Dave Bowman>   

       "HAL, who's farted ?"   

       </Dave Bowman>   


       "I'm sorry, Dave. I'm afraid I can't do that ... and I've no longer got any enthusiasm or confidence in the emission ... "   

8th of 7, Aug 06 2017

       Add a smell sensor and it could detect your diet & recommend products to fit in a better nutritional profile, just like the google toilet (linked)
sophocles, Aug 06 2017


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