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All-Weighted Clothing

Track down the dirty and the clean by weight
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I find that I spend entirely too much time counting and recounting items of clothing, dirty, and clean, to find out where I stand cleanliness-wise, both before and after doing laundry.

What's needed is a series of weighted drawers, 1 weighted hamper, and 1 weighted laundry basket.

I start by entering the starting count for the number of underwear, socks, shirts, and pantalones I own, then wait for my hamper to notify me when, by total weight, assuming I wear one of each type of item in a predictable way, I am in danger of running low of clean clothing. If I buy new clothing, I enter whether it's underwear, etc., as it too is weighed and added to the total weight.

Likewise, a weighted laundry basket will notify me if less weight came out of the dryer than went in.

4and20, Jul 15 2020

Wipe 'cotton-picking' from the vocabulary https://grandstandc...e-russell-westbrook
[kdf, Jul 16 2020]


       // a weighted laundry basket will notify me if less weight came out of the dryer than went in. //   

       That is always the case; items go in wet, and come out dry. The difference is the mass of evaporated water.   

       Thus the output must aways be less than the input; if it's the same, the dryer is broken.
8th of 7, Jul 15 2020

       The laundry basket and/or hamper is comparing the pre-wash dry weight to the post-drying dry weight. I hate to say that the laundry basket is more intelligent than you, but there it is.
4and20, Jul 15 2020

       "Comparing pre-wash dry weight to the post-drying dry weight" might be useful for letting you know if you'v lost a sock. But if you could continually monitor *during* the drying cycle -and if you could spot a discontinuous drop in mass - you'd know exactly when the sock vanished.   

       Apart from solving one of the great mysteries of our time, in- cycle monitoring could tell you when clothes are dry enough.
kdf, Jul 15 2020

       I have pondered putting a humidifier in dryers to trigger dry-run shutdowns, but a simple humidifier can't be the solution.
4and20, Jul 15 2020

       weight just a cotton-pickin minute! you count your clothes before and after you wear them???
blissmiss, Jul 16 2020

       Otherwise it will be too late to decide whether it's wise to wear precious clean underwear. It that what you meant by "cotton-pickin"?
4and20, Jul 16 2020

       It's a hillbilly term of endearment. I was just complimenting you on your fashion sense and organizational skills. I think.
blissmiss, Jul 16 2020

       Term of endearment? No, it really isn't. From link: "Despite its racist history, it remains a term used colloquially by many who give no thought to its origins or implications."
kdf, Jul 16 2020

       //The laundry basket and/or hamper is comparing the pre-wash dry weight to the post-drying dry weight//   


       //a weighted laundry basket will notify me if less weight came out of the dryer than went in//   

       These can't both be right. If you compare the pre-wash dry weight to the post-drying dry weight then your notification will mean that less weight came out of the *combined wash/dry process* than went in. In this case, you would then have to make an allowance for the total mass of dust, sweat, sebum, skid-marks, etc., which the washing process *ought* to be removing.   

       Alternatively, if it really is only the dryer you're monitoring, you'll need a way of measuring the mass of water removed by drying, as indicated by [8th]. I hate to say it, but [8th] is in fact *at least* as intelligent as a laundry basket, on his day.
pertinax, Jul 17 2020

       //you count your clothes before and after you wear them???// Obviously to make sure you've taken them all of and not absorbed some of them. I once absorbed an entire Aran sweater on a particularly cold night.
xenzag, Jul 17 2020

       Good thing it wasn't one of those Fairisle sweaters with a yoke; otherwise the pattern might re-emerge on your chest in summer like an embarrassing old tattoo.
pertinax, Jul 17 2020

       And welcome back, [8th], by the way.
pertinax, Jul 17 2020

       //Term of endearment? No, it really isn't//   

       Do you know I never even thought of the implications or what it even was about exactly? Just like some of the sayings I heard my mom say, I never even took them apart and looked at them, I just repeated what I'd heard. For 60 years. Thank you, for teaching me something today.
blissmiss, Jul 17 2020

       Blissmiss, you and me both. Apart from random sayings, we both probably learned lots of fun children's songs that would really make you sad to learn where they came from. For starters, pretty much anything by Stephen Foster - no matter how much the lyrics get changed over the years.
kdf, Jul 17 2020

       I never thought 'cotton picking' was a term of endearment but because of 'cotton on' can see a vague possibility. So that raises the question, should we take the person's or the historic meaning? Meanings can change.Time is suppose to heal all wounds*.   

       Isn't a greater evolved mind suppose to hold and use conflicting concepts? Might be like the current statue issue.   

       * or kill it and hide it.
wjt, Jul 19 2020


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