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Combined Washing Machine/Dishwasher

Wash tableware and clothes in one washing machine
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Instead of buying two domestic appliances; a Dishwasher and Washing Machine, just buy a Washing Machine and unbreakable Tableware. After dinner throw everything in the machine and select a hot wash. One could even combine laundry and tableware in the one load... though washing socks and underwear with cereal bowls and cups might not be recommended...
Hudai1, Mar 23 2009

(?) Feces in underwear http://www.aol.com....ar/17991/index.html
I'm not having dinner at your place. [cindik, Mar 23 2009]

Thor Clothes and Dishwasher http://www.lustronp...rs-thor-kdn-cd4.jpg
It was standard equipment in Lustron Homes. [Laughs Last, Mar 24 2009]


       "much greasier/filthier" - and yet, dishwashers seem to use smaller doses of detergent than washing machines. Hmm.
FishFinger, Mar 23 2009

       I like it. However, I see lint in your future.
zen_tom, Mar 23 2009

       A little WIBNIFTY for my tastes, expand on how the machine will work, what shape would it have? Front load, top load? Racks? Spinning? More detail please.
WcW, Mar 23 2009

       [WcW] I think we're talking about an existing washing machine (front-loader, top loader - take your pick) and rather than using traditional crockery, loading it with plastic stuff that wont break.
zen_tom, Mar 23 2009

       Sorry, this thing would be loud. And people would still keep a dishwasher around anyway for the breakable stuff.   

       If the idea were for a rack you could place dishes in and a mode that didn't fill the bin, I'd vote for it.
phoenix, Mar 23 2009

       this is so haphazard you might as well just throw everthing into the bathtub and wash the stuff whilst you bathe! not too good -
xandram, Mar 23 2009

       I'd vote for [phoenix]'s solution
loonquawl, Mar 23 2009

       I think that bits of food would migrate into the fabric and become enmeshed. Maybe if we had a combination device that could do either but not both at the same time.....
WcW, Mar 23 2009

       No scraps with my unders please. NO NO NO!
blissmiss, Mar 23 2009

       see! somebody (the THOR company!) had the same idea that I did!
WcW, Mar 24 2009


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