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CD Laundry Eel

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Fill the CD Laundry Eel with washing powder and watch as it snakes around amongst your laundry.

The fill stopper is accessed by opening its rubbery mouth, turning the concealed stopper, then pouring in a measure of either washing powder of liquid.

The liquid or powder is emitted at the gills and via a set of holes running along its flanks, that only open when there is some flexing and twisting of the body of the Laundry Eel.

Once filled, simply toss the Eel into the machine with the clothes to be washed. During the washing action the Eel will be seen periodically swirling around amongst your clothes.

The CD bit of the name stands for Challenger Deep (of course), where strange, aquatic beasties thrive in the pitch blackness.

In the case of the Laundry Eel, this involves a set of watertight LEDs which light up along its body, the power being generated by the flexing action of its body. This means as it randomly appears banging against the glass front of the machine, that its LEDs will be flickering and flashing.

Heavy duty CD Laundry Eel available for laundrette visits.

Can also be filled with bubble bath for extra fun at bath-time.

xenzag, May 13 2011


       Pointless and incomprehensible extreme weirdness.   

8th of 7, May 13 2011


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