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All-chewy popcorn

Peaceful Films
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I went to see Attack of the Clones this afternoon and, having not been to the cinema in a while, was constantly annoyed by popcorn crunching all around me. It wasn't always so bad, as some bits were evidently chewy. But can't it al be chewy so we can watch in peace? Sure, we'd miss out on crunchy popcorn, but our cinemas would be peacefully tranquil and, besides, by the time the next generation of cinema-goers emerges, they won't know any different from chewy popcorn - they'll never complain.
NickTheGreat, May 19 2002


       Maybe just popcorn shaped gummy candy?
bristolz, May 19 2002

       in my expeirience chewy popcorn means old, and not nice anymore popcorn.
kaz, May 19 2002

       If you get tacos then I get nachos. And celery sticks.
phoenix, May 19 2002

       I think he meant flour tortillas, not corn.
I'll have a Cochinita Pibil taco along with a Machaca Torta, hold the Bell Peppers, and a couple of Negra Modelos.
thumbwax, May 19 2002

       I think noise would still be rather an issue a couple hours after a theaterful of Star Wars fanboys gorged themselves on almost any type of Mexican food, crunchy or no. Not to mention offenses to other senses.
jester, May 21 2002

       <Old man> Is there really a problem here? I mean, these days cinemas are so damn LOUD. I come out of the pictures with tinnitus. Not like in my day when you got issued with an ear trumpet at the door. And the only sweet you could get was a bag of sugar and, if you were lucky, a stick of licorice.</old man>
calum, May 21 2002

       Last year I visited the beautiful state of Oregon and had the chance to take in a flick in somewhat usual surroundings. It was a converted early 30s or 40s elementary school. Not the one-room school variety. Large enough, in fact, that the building was actually a combination hotel/single-screen cinema/pub.   

       The fun part was the company that bought and converted it: a micro brewery. I'll take a couple pints of ale at the movie theater over a bucket of popcorn any day. Generally much quieter as well.
Lucky_Setzer, May 21 2002

       somewhat *usual* surroundings?? I wanna live where you live!
yamahito, May 21 2002

       [Lucky Setzer] Link or location details, please...Some of your fellow Oregonians like to know about these things.
jurist, May 22 2002

       [Lucky_Setzer]: Except for the loud burping.   

       [jurist]: I think he's referring to McMenamin's Edgefield in Troutdale.
bristolz, May 26 2002


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