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Movie Theater Jacket

because it's cold in there plus...
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This one has built-in pockets and straps designed to conceal beverages and snacks. Just remember to throw your trash away in specified containers not on the floor of the theater because that would be unethical.
dogzapper, Sep 12 2005

peckish pockets Peckish_20Pockets
jelly babies and boiled lollies can safely be inserted in trouser leg pockets or under your watchband. [benfrost, Sep 12 2005]


       And this is especially different from regular jackets? Try your local camping goods store, and I think you will find something that will suffice.   

       (For myself, I find my Barbour is entirely adequate for sneaking soda in for my wife.)
DrCurry, Sep 12 2005

       Cola and some popcorn,
two biiiiiiiits.

       My barber won't sneak anything in for me or my wife. Entirely inadequate.
Texticle, Sep 12 2005

       my barber broke both his legs on the cinema stairs. now he's cutting hair on crutches.
benfrost, Sep 12 2005

       What does he hold the scissors with?
Texticle, Sep 13 2005

       No, I think he means that the crutches have hair.
Ling, Sep 13 2005

       I didn't even know crutches had hair. Learn something new every day.
Blisterbob, Sep 13 2005

       My crutch has hair - did you shave your's off?
Ling, Sep 14 2005


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