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Instant Refreshments

Ok, well not exactally "instant".
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How many times have you been right at a crucial part in the movie when you realize that your popcorn or soda has run dry? Well with the instalation of the Instant Refreshment system, you will never have to leave your seat!

Basically on the back of each seat there is a set up simmilar to a soda machine, only instead of various types of soda there are also buttons for popcorn, candy, pretzels and the like.

To get your food one must simply insert money, make a selection, and the food is zipped up to the seat where it can be retrieved below the buttons. Possibly using a system simmilar to banks utilizing a system of pessurized air.

Never miss an instant of your movies again!

Now just to install toilets in the seat as well...

generaltso, Mar 16 2007


       Is there also a button for a fresh diaper? I mean those cokes are pretty big.
Galbinus_Caeli, Mar 16 2007

       Automatic bone for people who insist on eating and drinking (usually noisily) during movies.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Mar 16 2007

       Yeah I tend to go to see a movie to see a movie too
the dog's breakfast, Mar 16 2007

       There were coin-operated candy machines on the back of theater seats about a hundred years ago. There's a mention in the book _Cheaper_By_The_Dozen_.
baconbrain, Mar 16 2007


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