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A desktop computer with embedded printer, scanner, fax machine, accessible storage bays
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A truly all in one desktop computer with embedded printer, scanner, fax machine and hard drive storage bays.

Most printers and multifunctional devices are empty space anyway.

Like having a Synalogy 4 drive bay, stuck to a laser printer, stuck to a desktop computer.

chronological, May 02 2020


       It's very simple to do; the reason it hasn't been is that there's probably no commercial market for it.   

       As you point out, printers often have a lot of airspace. Plenty of room for a mini pc-in-a-box.
8th of 7, May 02 2020

       [+] computing with just electrons is boring.   

       Baryonic matter I/O is an important part of our life. Just because we don't work on matter readers/shapers, the supply chain is shifting away from those who only focus on electrons...
Mindey, May 02 2020

       //fax machine// Why not add an Aldis lamp too? Otherwise it won't be "all-in-one", merely "some-in-one".
pocmloc, May 03 2020

       Cooling fans plus toner cartridges = bad news...
RayfordSteele, May 03 2020

       Add a mini-fridge and it's sold.
blissmiss, May 04 2020


       Is there a drip coffee maker/cup warmer option?
whatrock, May 05 2020

       The output to unsolved mathematical problems, a specific complex molecule. Nice [MIndley]. But how do you convert the molecule back into the mathematics.
wjt, Oct 10 2020


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