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Architecture vectors rendering

Computer systems invariably fulfil some architecture and are painfully painstakingly manually written to conform to an architecture. What if we could define an architecture with multidimensional vectors and relationships rather than a list of steps, and transform the architecture by serializing architecture with markov chains?
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I honestly feel this idea is that what the computer industry needs to stop what it is doing and work on this idea.

This idea is NOT about using ChatGPT to write code.

This idea is to change fundamentally what we code against. Not an API. But a association of behaviour to architecture embedding vectors that define behaviour of computer systems so that behaviour can be composed together by rendering the vectors to behaviour.

Perhaps a special virtual machine that processes vectors associated to behaviours instead of bytecode.

Computer software gets stale very fast, things change from underneath software's feet and must be maintained.

if you write a network based application that has threads, things get complicated fast.

Changing your architecture from "one thread per client/socket" to "multiple sockets per thread" is a drastic architectural change.

chronological, Apr 13 2023




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