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All Weather Olympic Torch Lighter

'cause Apollo may just have the day off
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It seems that the Olympic torch-lighting ceremony in Greece may run into a bit of trouble. With Apollo, the Sun god, being on holiday, some back-stager with a Zippo may just have to provide the sacred spark instead of using the parabolic mirror.

I feel we should do more to celebrate alternative sources of energy. A complex array of devices could allow the energy to be sourced by whichever member of the Pantheon decided to show up for work that day.

First, a rotating windmill could drive a generator, allowing Aeolus his turn on the stage; there could also be a set of fixed-direction windmills for each of Boreas, Notus, Eurus, and Zephyr.

A rain-collector with an attached water turbine and generator (I know just where to find some suggestions...) will allow Zeus to drizzle some energy into the proceedings.

If all seems still, a block of flint on a slide could be allowed to strike an anvil, forcing Haphaestus into the act.

And, of course, there is a very tall lightning rod just in case Zeus decides to chime in with that other trick of his. We won't argue, even if he's got a different timing for the ceremony than what we handed out to the media.

lurch, Mar 23 2008

Torch trouble http://news.bbc.co..../europe/7310654.stm
That's what happens when you single-source [lurch, Mar 23 2008]


       Great. I can see the headlines now: Olympic Torch Ignited By Rube Goldberg Contraption.   

       Then, before you know it, somebody will propose making Olympic Torch lighting an Olympic event.
Canuck, Mar 23 2008

       I like the lightning idea, it has pizzaz, but it might kill some people. So really two thumbs up.
MisterQED, Mar 23 2008

       + I like the diversity!
xandram, Mar 24 2008

       What about Ares, God of War and battles ? A phosphorous grenade ? Thermite ? Anyway, [+]
8th of 7, Mar 24 2008

       Allowing anyone, specifically the Olympian "under-gods", other than the Titans to be responsible for lighting the torch is just sheer reckless abandonment of duties.
4whom, Mar 24 2008

       //back-stager with a Zippo// They used that the time they tried to light the stadium cauldron with a flaming arrow. They said otherwise, of course.   

       Can we get the goddess of love in on this? I'm not sure how she'd provide a spark, but it'd be fun to try.
baconbrain, Mar 24 2008

       friction makes sparks...
Voice, Mar 25 2008


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