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Chess Matches

Matches in the shape of chess figures, conveniently delivered in a checkered box
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In the course of your childhood, you've played chess or checkers substituting some odd piece for a missing figure, perhaps even used a toothpick or a match for that purpose.

This set of matches will let you play chess matches while playing with matches.

Lighting taken figures is strictly optional, but should keep orders flowing.

theircompetitor, Dec 30 2008

Custom Shaped Book Match http://blog.epromos...otional-matches.jpg
Here's a vintage example of one type of custom-shaped book match that relies more on the printing of each individual match, but that could be another way to differentiate chess men. [jurist, Dec 30 2008]


       I particularly like the planned obsolescence feature.
jurist, Dec 30 2008

       *squint* What does it mean for a match to be shaped like a chess piece? Both have shapes, but they're different. Is it a tiny chess piece with the base of a match, or a match with chess piece markings carved into it? How do you make the pieces stand up - holes in the box?   

       Two sides could have different colors of phosphorus.   

       Print different "check mate in two moves" puzzles on the back, make them collectible.
jutta, Dec 30 2008

       //What does it mean for a match to be shaped like a chess piece?// I originally pictured these as traditional book matches made from flattened strips of card stock, and cut in the traditional profile of chess pieces. I expected that when torn from the book, the individual matches would be inserted into a special chessboard that had a small slot in the center of each square to receive the match strip. It would be helpful if the phosphorous strike heads were available in at least two standard colors in order to be able to differentiate the opposing sides, red and blue both being commonly available.
jurist, Dec 30 2008

       Can we also have conventional chess sets where the pieces are dipped in phosphorous, for times when I can't find my matches or lighter?
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 30 2008

       [jutta], in terms of actual designs, I was thinking the following approaches.   

       For tearoff matches, which are really cardboard cutouts, the stamp which cuts them could be shaped to produce stylized pieces, and one could imagine either creating sets of black & white pawns only, or bishops only, etc, or entire sets. In any case, such pieces could be laid ontop of board squares.   

       For wooden matches, one could use a similar approach with perhaps better piece detailing.
theircompetitor, Dec 30 2008

       There's something wonderful about the idea of chess pieces linked with the capacity to start fires. Excellent notion +
xenzag, Dec 30 2008

       I would like my set to be painted a deep blue please?   


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