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All devices Networked

Make all communications fiber optic in the home and between products.
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To every home you have a crap load of wires. You have the phone, cable, one of which carries the internet. These all lead out to a box that has a fiber optic node. Why not have your cable and phone be combined into one fiber optic line heading directly into your house? You could have fiber optic plugs throughout the home in which you could hook up computers to much faster high speed internet, hook up a TV phone to, or hook up your HDTV up to. This would be much more simple than current systems of having to have a seperate outlet for each. You could also have a router that hooks up to the line before it comes into the house. This would allow networking to be allowed throughout the house over a fiber optic network. The outlets would have input and output lines in them.

You would have the line go first to the firber optic router. Then the line would be split to the several outlets throughout the house. TVs Telephones, TV phones, and computers, video game counsoles would all hook up to one type of outlets. This would also allow the tv and computer and even your stereo to interact with eachother. You could send video from your computer to your tv and vice versa, audio from your computer to your stereo. Any tv or stereo in the house. As well you could have movies that you buy online stored on your computer and played to all the tvs in your house or just one tv or whatever you wanted. You could also read your e-mail from any tv in the home.

This would relieve ourselves of the massive messes left behind from haveing to wire everything up seperatly. You could even have your microwave and refrigerator contact your tv when you are low on milk, or your food is ready. Your tv would flash a message while you are watching it to warn you. you could also have your doorbell and door surveilance camera networked into the hub. A super good firewall would prevent hacking into the home network, this will prevent someone from ruining your dinner or putting inapprorpiate content on your 5-year-old's tv.

JoeLounsbury, Feb 24 2004


       Electronic devices all over your home connected to high-speed internet?! This is just fantasy - it'll never happen.
hippo, Feb 24 2024


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