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data over modem for smart phones

Transmit sounds and dodge bandwidth caps with them
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Does your phone have a data cap? Are you sick of being overcharged for non-voice transmission? Do you have an unlimited calling plan? Then this option is for you.

By calling your home land-line and using your home computer to retransmit data over the internet your smart-phone can keep at least a minimum of internet connectivity at all times without exceeding your phone carrier's data cap.

Alternate configurations include cell-to-cell +bluetooth for those with extra cell phone but no wireless or for transmitting data directly between two smart phones.

Can be configured to only kick in after a set per-month usage.

BONUS: easily direct connection with your home computer.

Voice, Nov 18 2011

Acoustic Coupler http://www.computer...rgon/a/acoustic.htm
You can get one on eBay, and use a payphone to check your email! Hooray! [DIYMatt, Nov 19 2011]


       audiosteganography? [+]
swimswim, Nov 18 2011

       The problem is that the data rate on the codec used to transmit voice over cellular networks is fairly low — around 12 kbit/s. So assuming you could somehow manage to use the entire range of bandwidth available, your connection speed would be slightly faster than a 9600 bps modem. If you're the kind of person who regularly runs into a monthly data cap, it seems unlikely that such a connection would be satisfactory.
ytk, Nov 19 2011

       I've actually done this, so I have to say it's baked. It was one of my attempts to dodge expensive data fees. Now, I just have a $25/month unlimited plan. I gave up on the idea because the data rate was far, far too slow. It could literally only load two pages without a 20 minute wait: halfbakery and google. However, if you want to try it you can still find a list of dialup numbers and call one of them with your phone. Carriers no longer charge for that because, well, who in their right mind would do it?
DIYMatt, Nov 19 2011


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